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Announcement OP3 Event
Hey there, guys!

Considering recent events and how much everything has been terrible, I've decided to throw together a little event arena on OP3 on Saturday at 12PM PST to allow us all to have a little fun instead of being at one another's throats all the time. It's not the prettiest or as wonderful as Classic Prison was, but I figure that anything is better than nothing at this point. If this event works well, I may consider making some other event arenas in my spare time. Let me know what you think!
Sorry it's taken so long to make this, my attention has had to be everywhere lately due to a mix of both IRL and in-game happenstances. First and foremost, we're extremely sorry for all that's going on.

Why haven't you guys fixed the NPCs?
Great question. The plugin that we use for our NPCs is a public plugin and has for some reason experienced an issue that has caused our NPCs to stop working on numerous servers. We've been working our hardest to contact the developer of this plugin to resolve the issue, but they've yet to respond. Considering this is not our plugin, we cannot manually fix it, meaning the NPCs are basically down for the count until we get a response. In the meantime, I am planning on going to each server that doesn't currently have functioning NPCs and placing signs that have the proper buy/sell price for each ward. This will allow players to sell items and such until the time comes where we can actually resolve the NPC issue.

Mas said Classic isn't coming back?!
Mas was indeed talking to players on Pitforge about Classic servers never coming back, mainly due to the amount of effort required to bring all of those servers back. However shortly after, a few staff and I were talking to Mas about his decision on that. We have come up with the decision to possibly bring back 1 Classic Prison, as all 4 would still be just as vacant as they were before they went down. Everything would start from scratch though, so it'd be an interesting fresh start on the first prison we introduced to the server.

We know there's not much else to do and these definitely aren't the messages you all wanted to hear, but I figured it'd be better to give you all some sort of heads up than just let it sit and brew any longer than it already has. Thanks for reading!
Announcement OP1 Housing Issue
Hello there, TitanMC players.

As many of you know, OP1 experienced some issues last night with connectivity and items. Along with these initial issues, OP1's main world had chunk errors, and OP1's housing world corrupted beyond repair. We were able to do a minor rollback on the main world to fix the chunks, but the housing suffered irreversible damage. Because of the possible spread of corruption to the main map, all of the housing world on OP1 was wiped for safety, meaning that all houses on OP1 are permanently gone. Players will be compensated for this issue, and can redeem a one-time voucher for 500 gems via the command /redeemgems. If you have any proof of owning a different tier house, send a ticket via the orange Help button in the bottom right corner, and we will return the gems required to upgrade. If you lost any important items in the process, please send a ticket with screenshotted proof of the items.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

[Admin] DeciduousJam
Announcement Classic Prison Notice
Hello there, TitanMC.

As many of you are aware, Classic Prisons have been down for over 1 week. Unfortunately, the host server that we were using to hold our databases went completely down, leaving all Classic Prisons without the player databases. The maps and player inventories remain intact, but all tickets, ranks, and subsequently, cells have been lost. Money will also still be on your accounts. We are aware that many people want the return of Classic. We have no plans of shutting it down for good, but for the time being, we have no ETA for their return. If you have any further questions, feel free to send a ticket, and I will try my best to answer them with what information I have.

We're sorry for the inconvenience,

[Admin] Deci
Announcement Loot World Currency
Just a quick and simple update to the Loot World event; we've added a special currency!

What is this new currency?
The currency is called "Loot Coins" and will be available to obtain whenever the Loot World event is active on a server. Note that these are ONLY obtainable when the Loot World event is active, which takes place exclusively during weekends that it is announced. The Loot World event that introduces the Loot Coins will last until 6/6/2016.

How can I obtain them?
Loot Coins can be obtained only during the Loot World event by finding and breaking Jack o' Lanterns. Consider them a special block like the Lucky Blocks, only less randomized. Once the Jack o' Lantern is broken, one Loot Coin will drop. Please note that this is not effected by the Fortune enchantment, so a higher Fortune does not equal more Loot Coins.

What can Loot Coins be used for?
These items are essentially a new Odd Currency, in a way. Once you have collected or bought a few from players, you may turn them in for rewards. This weekend's rewards will include Laser Picks, /kit nuke3, Fortune 100 shards, Efficiency 100 shards and 4 OP Books. Rewards will most likely change each time the Loot World event is reset some other weekend.

Where is the Loot Master?
The NPC for trading the Loot Coins will be located at spawn and will remain even when the event is not active. This means that even once the Loot World event has closed for the weekend, you can still buy items from the store until the next restock comes! His skin is a Villager, and he will remain in the same spot. All but 1 of the items he has this weekend are items from our webstore,...
Announcement Loot World Event
By interacting with the new Teleporter NPC, you can visit an entirely unique world full of loot and players to fight! Gather large amounts of ores and rares while also fighting off enemies!

How can I join in?
Visiting the Teleporter NPC and paying a small fee of 25 gems will warp you to a random point of the world.

What are the rewards?
There are no direct rewards for visiting the world, but there are many perks. Throughout the world are chests that can be located above ground, in caves, and embed in the map itself. Inside of these chests are mysterious books and the items within them, ranging from Common to OP rarity. Located in the earth are also a vast amount of ore blocks. Lastly, there are some very rare Lucky Blocks that can give some interesting and unique rewards or punishments. These items are sponges, and can be found in generally the same areas as chests, but spawn far less frequently.

Are there risks?
While the main danger of the world is that PvP is enabled, there are some other things to be careful of. Since flying is completely disabled even for staff, fall damage is a very big concern. On top of that, bedrock is easily broken by a donator pickaxe, so holes straight to the void are common. A person with a decent aim and a Vaser Pickaxe are almost imminent doom, so ensure that you only bring items that you are comfortable with losing. As donator tools have the No-Drop enchantment, they will not be dropped upon death. Also, as stated in the previous section, the Lucky...
Announcement Tournament Event
Starting today, there will be a competition held occasionally to see who can break the most blocks in 2-days time! Put forth hours of hard work and perseverance to obtain rewards and best all the other contestants!

How do I join?
Entering the competition is easy! Simply join the server during the competition and start mining! You do not need to visit the Tournament NPC in order to participate, but it is recommended to view him now and then to see your progress and standing in the event.

How long does this event last?
The times for the event will be announced shortly before it starts, and are subject to change. Once announced, a timer will appear on top of the Tournament NPC's head, counting down the time until the end of the event. If there is not a tournament active, the hologram above the NPC will display "Tournament Inactive". Be sure that you are around every now and then to see how much time you'll have to compete!

Can I check my progress?
Progress can be checked by right-clicking the NPC. The armor stand shows you how many blocks you have broken when hovered over, and the player head shows ranks 1-54 when clicked, as well as how many blocks they've broken. The emerald shows all prizes available.

What are the prizes?
There are 54 places that can be taken in the tournament, and each one grants a prize. To claim a prize that you have won from the tournament, type /reward. Gems are added directly to your...
Announcement OP Prison Dueling
We've now added a way to duel players without having to sacrifice your own gear or go into the PvP zone! This feature does not cost any money, does not require a rank to use, and is perfect for setting bets or just establishing your PvP skills.

How to use
To duel someone, simply type "/duel send (username)", select the kit that you wish to use, and begin fighting. The kits each have armor, weapons, and some golden apples to ensure the battle can last for a short while.

Currently, the duel system is fairly basic. There are two kits (Ninja and Tank) that have unique bonuses, enchantments, and items.

1x Helmet
1x Chestplate
1x Leggings
1x Boots
1x Sword
2x Golden Apple
8x Steak

1x Helmet
1x Chestplate
1x Leggings
Announcement /Chest Disabled

This is just a notice that /chest has been removed on all servers temporarily until we fix an issue allowing players to dupe items. Once we fix the issue and the permission is added back you will still have all previous items in the /chest that you had before. If you had important thing in there I'm sorry, but you will just have to hold out. There is currently no ETA on the issue. This is a public plugin, so it make take a little longer than it usually would if I was one of our plugins. Please do not contact support regarding what you had in the /chest. As I stated before, you will have the contents in your /chest still. You're not losing any items from this.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

UPDATE: /chest has been added back now and should be functioning!
Announcement Gem Shop
Hello everyone! Pat here. I am excited to come to you guys with some cool things we have added and an event we're holding this week!

Gem Shop

The "Gem Shop" NPC can be found at /spawn next to all the other NPCs. You may notice that it replaced the "Junker" NPC. It's okay! Read the "Junker Command" section if you liked Mr. Junker.


The Gem Shop will contain books and book rewards from Common all the way to Mythical, such as a Semi-Efficient Stick or a Diamond Greathelm. The contents of the Gem Shop will refresh every 24 hours, allowing for constant updates to the item list (which totals at 70 items). Because of this, you'll need to act fast if you see something that you like!


The costs for these items can range from around 5 gems to 115 gems, depending on the rarity of the item. A Common item will cost substantially less than a Mythical, and an Epic will cost somewhere in between.

Junker Command

If you read below, you would know that the Junker NPC was removed to make...